​What we do exactly…

​What we do exactly…

What platforms do we build on?

Most of our applications are built off Microsoft .NET with any required mobile platforms (Android or iOS). We mostly host our applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, but do have our own Australian Data Centre fitout where we can host if required.

What is our role in software development?

Our role is to ensure we manage your project from start to finish, as well as any ongoing support thereafter. We understand contractors may come and go, and this is why we will always “own” the code with all our projects.

​You will always be managed by us (Only Cloud).

Everyone wants to be in the Cloud, but what’s best for you?

We often find people ask to develop Cloud software, but they may not be aware that there are off the shelf solutions that may already exist. Platforms like Office 365 can be developed into very flexible Cloud software!​


Do you have to develop it

Before anything else, we make sure there are no other products that are similar or already exist!



Most projects involve building functionality to complement existing applications. If you currently have an SQL database, this is good news!


Can we build on another platform

Typically, it is best to build off another platform to avoid having to develop basic functionality that can be taken for granted. Think about Office 365, and the functions that Outlook and SharePoint bring already.

End Goal

Determine what you are trying to achieve with the packages,


Boutique Development

We specialise in developing applications up to $250k in budget.


Why up to $250k

This is about the maximum project value that makes it viable to develop in Australia. Unfortunately, due to the lower cost of labour overseas, projects over $250k are mostly developed abroad.


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