Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Budget: $60k
​Timeframe: 4 months

​This project was to build an application to provide the ability for a business to scale to multiple operators.

Requirements included:

  • ​Quote electronically
  • Accept quote electronically
  • Notification of quote acceptance
  • Quote acceptance filed into SharePoint
  • New account created in Xero (on first quote acceptance only)
  • Quote estimated entered into Xero for forecasting and invoicing later on

​The solution needed to incorporate Office 365 for emails, and Xero for accounting software. Single Sign On (SSO) was required to reduce complexity.

​The required process was:

  • ​Sign up new business partner
  • Log into Office 365 and create their account
  • The web application is tied to O365, and you assign/permission them for the WebApp.
  • Send details to the new business partner, and from now on they can log in using their O365 account details via the portal site (with a token, so they do not need to re-authenticate against O365)

​This projects demonstrated the ability to start with a relatively small budget to solve an initial problem, and provide a solid base to be able to build up to a more complex application.

​When choosing to integrate against other solutions, it is important to ensure you choose industry leading packages to avoid any investment risk. In this case, we were integrating against Office 365 and Xero Acccounting software, which are both leaders in their respective fields.