Online e-Document Workflow

Online e-Document Workflow

Online e-Document Workflow

Budget: $95k
​Project Length: 6 months

The scope for the project was to create a bespoke web based application to allow the purchase of  documents online. The main objective of this application is to reduce the manual effort currently required to prepare such documents.

The application was intended to cover the following feature set:
1. A service to allow users to purchase customised documents online;
2. Further automation to register these documents with external parties via APIs.

The application was developed using Microsoft technologies – .NET for both frontend and back-end, and SQL Server for the back end.

The application will be hosted on Microsoft Azure – which will incur costs for both site and database hosting.

The following features were included:
A shop front interface to allow users to:

  • Select a document they want to purchase;
  • Populate a questionnaire required to populate the document;
  • Perform the purchase using the EWAY payment gateway or by using a code provided (see below);
  • Download the populated document (which will be available for a customisable limited amount of time);
  • Receive tax invoice (in a separate document);
  • Review past purchases;

​Back-end administrative function to allow site administrators to:

  • Check logs of interaction with external systems (API) and user activities
  • Create, edit and remove user accounts
  • Assign permissions to user accounts

Back-end administrative functions for admin staff:

  • Generate special codes for customers to generate a document with no payment required
  • Financial reporting
  • Audit logs of user purchases
  • Manage the documents available for purchase:
  • Add/remove documents on a per customer basis
  • Configure questionnaire for each document
  • Set prices
  • Test the population of documents